Website Wednesday: Social Justice Books

As a Montessorian, you are likely concerned about social justice. You’re working to improve on yourself by recognizing your own biases and learning more about history and culture. You’re dedicated to representing ALL of the children in your classroom in the literature that you choose to share. You’re helping to mold and empower the future.

Books are an important tool for learning, both for children and adults. But how do you know which ones are the best to use? Which ones should you be reading on your own or with the kids? Social Justice Books contains multiple booklists that fit a strict criteria that will help you find appropriate books on just about any topic you can think of.

Visit the website to find over 90 curated booklists that are constantly being updated. Search by theme or topic. See a list of new contributions. Learn how to evaluate a book for anti-bias via their guide. Use this to go through the books you currently have in your children’s library.

They also have numerous other articles about why certain books are recommended – or not recommended. You can find out more about current banned books, which is unbelievably still an issue in 2023. You can also learn about the history of diversity in children’s literature to better understand where it is lacking and why we need to include it.

There are so many great resources on this site. You may fall down the rabbit hole reading everything, but you’ll also be a better person and educator for doing so.

See the site here: