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When I had the original Montessori Writer website over 10 years ago, I created the Twitter account and Facebook page to go with it and ended up meeting a lot of wonderful people. We were all getting started online and loved sharing ideas. One of those people was Deb, the creator of Living Montessori Now. She’s going to be my first featured website on my Website Wednesdays.

If you’re involved in Montessori, chances are you’re already familiar with her site. If you follow my social media, you have likely seen me share a lot of her posts. That’s because she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to child development, Montessori, and finding great Montessori resources. Some of them are great for the classroom, others for homeschooling. Some are more authentic Montessori and others are Montessori-inspired. Find thematic units based on holidays, months of the year, and various units of study across the curriculum. You just have to dig around and see what best suits your needs.

There’s an online shop where you can buy activities to use. Best of all, if you subscribe to her newsletter, you get access to a members only library of printables that are a great addition to the classroom. She also shares her blog posts and invites conversation. And don’t worry, you won’t get spammed.

She also has a book that she wrote some years ago called Montessori at Home or School: How to Teach Grace and Courtesy. (This is my affiliate link which just helps me earn a few extra pennies at no additional cost to you!)

In addition to the Living Montessori Now website, you can also follow Deb on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

So go take a look around and see what you can find that will be of use to you. Let me know what you think!

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    1. I knew I had to start with you! And I’m going to get more going soon. I’ve been having internet troubles at home, so my time online has been quite limited. Thank you for being such a valuable resource for so long!

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