UBC: What is your why?

Throughout my blog networking and sharing, I came across something called the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the month of August. The topic of the day was “Why do you do what you do?” Well, let me share my why.

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National Geographic Kids Shark-tastic Prize Pack #Giveaway Ends 9/1 @MarksvilleandMe

The National Geographic Kids series of books are a staple in my classrooms. They are chock full of scientific information and engaging photographs that keep the children glued to the pages and wanting to learn even more. In this giveaway, you can win a set of six to keep at home or to use in a classroom. Best of luck entering!
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Thank you, Mom, for my Montessori life

So yesterday was the three-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. I found myself thinking about how I’ve just completed a three-year cycle, just like we have in Montessori education. In a way, I almost found some comfort in that thought, on what is usually a really difficult day.

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