Thoughts on Maria Montessori Over My Montessori Journey

Today is International Women’s Day and I have seen a lot of posts about Maria Montessori. So I decided to pen a few of my thoughts on her along my journey of being a Montessori Kid to Montessori Educator to Montessori Writer.

I first remember learning about Maria Montessori in my primary years. Primary at my school meant grades 1-3. I’m sure we learned about her at other times, too. That particular year, my third grade year, probably sticks out the most because that is the year my class put on the play “You Can Be What You Want To Be.”

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Nat Geo Prize Pack #Giveaway Ends 2/26 via @mommysplaybook

  I’m so excited to share this giveaway with you! As I’ve said before, the National Geographic Kids Books are some of my favorites and were always in my classroom. The kids loved them. Check out this collection, purchase ones that catch your eye, and then enter to win a set for at home or in the classroom! Continue reading “Nat Geo Prize Pack #Giveaway Ends 2/26 via @mommysplaybook”

Website Wednesday: Edutopia

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you have seen me share numerous Edutopia articles. I just love that site. I had stumbled upon a few of their articles in the past, but now get a weekly list of curated content based on my personal preferences.

Most of the articles are written by public school teachers and armed for that arm of education. But so many of these have nuggets of wisdom that are easily translated to or adapted for a Montessori environment. My brain often springs into action and I share them on my Twitter and my Facebook, hoping to also inspire followers and readers.

It’s easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of reading on this site, because there is so much content. But as I always say, it’s imperative for educators to constantly educate themselves. I also think it is helpful to gain the perspective of other educators. I always love it when I see someone come up with what they feel is an innovative idea, but it’s actually something that we’ve been doing for a while in Montessori already. Or they share studies that back up what we do.

They cover topics for early childhood all the way through high school and even administrative topics. I enjoy skimming through articles for all ages.

You can follow them on Twitter or on Facebook to keep up on their latest submissions. I subscribe to the newsletter and get a weekly list curated to my topic preferences, both new and archived articles. It provides a nice break from my day to read through them and then decide which ones I want to share or perhaps even comment further on.

Check out the website and let me know what you think!

Website Wednesday features:

Website Wednesday: ABCTeach

21 years ago, I had completed my Montessori early childhood training and was getting ready to start my first job on my own. We were lacking in a lot of supplemental materials and I had one boy who was extremely advanced. The internet was just starting to be a fun place to look for new activities and I stumbled upon a new website called ABCTeach. It felt magical.

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The Ever-Evolving List of ABAR Resources for Montessorians

When I was in the classroom, I thought I was working toward being more inclusive. And while I gave a good effort at the time, I now realize there is so much more that I could have done and that all of us should be doing in our classrooms and communities.

ABAR means Anti-Bias Anti-Racism. Educators who are truly working on this are working on themselves as people as well as what is being reflected and taught in the classrooms. And as one panelist said in a recent webinar I attended, if you’re in education and you’re not working toward this, then you need to get out.

It’s not an easy road to travel. It can be taxing and will leave you unsettled. But that’s kind of the point. But if you can dedicate the time and effort into doing the work, you will be a better educator and your students will benefit for a lifetime.

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Happy Fall Y’all #Giveaway Ends 11/30 @goldengoosegiveaways

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Tod City Flannel Felt Story Board Set: In The Jungle #Giveaway Ends 11/17 @deliciouslysavv

Have you ever used felt stories in your classroom? A few of my schools had some that I could use and I do remember them from when I was a Montessori kid. Not only are they great for acting out the stories you’re sharing, but they’re also a great way to inspire creativity and storytelling in the children! Check out this one!

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Nat Geo Kids Books Fall Prize Pack #Giveaway Ends 10/31 @NGKidsBks @HomeJobsByMom

You know how much I love the Nat Geo books and that I always had them in my classroom. They’re so great for kids (and adults!) of all ages! We would page through them and read them over and over again. I found another giveaway for you! These are the same books as in the other giveaway I am sharing, but it is a different giveaway. So a second chance to win! Check them out and then enter to win this great prize pack. Best of luck to you! Continue reading “Nat Geo Kids Books Fall Prize Pack #Giveaway Ends 10/31 @NGKidsBks @HomeJobsByMom”

Nat Geo Kids Fall Favorites #Giveaway Ends 11/2

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#FreeRead In the Sky by Rachelle Nones October 1

I love finding new books to inspire learning in children. Even better when you can get them for free! Take advantage of this free Kindle deal on October 1 to inspire some skywatching in your kids!

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