#FreeRead In the Sky by Rachelle Nones October 1

I love finding new books to inspire learning in children. Even better when you can get them for free! Take advantage of this free Kindle deal on October 1 to inspire some skywatching in your kids!

Charming cloud illustrations and cloud descriptions makes it easy to learn and remember fun cloud facts you might not know. Included in this book is fascinating cloud quotes, and an extensive 4-page cloud resource list to help you learn even more about the different types of clouds.

In The Sky is ideal for kids and adult cloud gazers who love to watch the clouds pass by.

Download on Amazon for FREE on October 1!

About Rachelle Nones:
Rachelle Nones is a multimedia writer,editor, and trained storm spotter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a master’s degree in education. She is the author of In the Sky, a book on cloudspotting.

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