The Ever-Evolving List of ABAR Resources for Montessorians

When I was in the classroom, I thought I was working toward being more inclusive. And while I gave a good effort at the time, I now realize there is so much more that I could have done and that all of us should be doing in our classrooms and communities.

ABAR means Anti-Bias Anti-Racism. Educators who are truly working on this are working on themselves as people as well as what is being reflected and taught in the classrooms. And as one panelist said in a recent webinar I attended, if you’re in education and you’re not working toward this, then you need to get out.

It’s not an easy road to travel. It can be taxing and will leave you unsettled. But that’s kind of the point. But if you can dedicate the time and effort into doing the work, you will be a better educator and your students will benefit for a lifetime.

I am constantly sharing resources on Facebook at Andrea Coventry – Montessori Writer and on Twitter @MontessoriWrite. It’s a part of my own personal work that I am doing. I seek out resources. I read them. I reflect on them and sometimes will be sharing my thoughts here. And I share them so that others can also go through the process.

I have a list of books, websites, and social media accounts that you can read and follow to continue your own education and to inspire discussions among your peers and communities. It is going to be fluid, updated as often as I can. I encourage you to share your favorite resources with me and to engage in discussion.

And yes, my books are linked as Amazon affiliates. Please make your purchases from wherever you are the most comfortable. They are also listed alphabetically by author.

Books To Read

The following list of books are geared toward adults and some for young adults. Some are meant for your own ABAR learning. I am also including books that teach more than the white man’s version of history that we have all learned. It’s important to learn about the other parts of history as well, to better inform how you teach history to children. If you’re looking for recommended books for children, please visit my post over at Candrel’s Crafts, Cooks, and Characters.

Note that these are Amazon affiliate links, which means I may earn a few pennies to help support my websites. Please purchase your copies from anywhere that you feel comfortable shopping.

Facebook Pages to Follow

Websites to Follow

Articles to Read

More to come…

There are still so many other resources out there. Please share with me your favorites. And I will update this post as I come across even more. Thank you for joining in the conversation!

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